Channel Spyder Software Features

Easily manage your online business all in one place.

Anything you (or your staff) are doing that is repetitive is hurting your businesses ability to grow and increase profits. Let a computer do these repetitive tasks. Let Channel Spyder web based tools allow you to automate your Inventory Updates, Order & Tracking post back… From a nationwide network of Drop Ship Supply Warehouses.

With the available Profit & Loss reporting tools, inventory & order limit triggers, you will know in virtually real time what your profit is by Store, Supplier, Brand, SKU, and by individual Order. Want to know where the "losing SKUs" are? Need to update price & Quantity automatically from many suppliers to several online channels/stores? Channel Spyder can give you all the tools the Top Channel Sellers Use (and more) for a price that you can afford now.


Channel Listing Tools

Do you have a large list of products with images and details you want to get listed on the marketplaces? With Channel Spyder's Bulk Listing Tool, now you can easily upload your product data and create listings on the channels or your Channel Spyder Integrated Website.* Once your listings are created, use the eBay active inventory tool to track hit counts, sales conversions, and stale inventory for your listings. See your listings the way eBay's algorithms see them, and take action to optimize your listing strategy for maximum benefit to you. There are ways, other than dropping your price, to move up on the Best Match search and sell more. Use Channel Spyder's Channel Listing & Active Inventory Tools to easily implement these sales strategies.

Announcing Channel Spyder's "Bundles & Kits Management Tool"

We're pretty sure you've never heard of a tool like this!

Sure, you can manage listing & selling kits from your own stock. You read the order, pick the products and ship them together… BUT, what if you could sell kits from one or more drop ship suppliers? What if all the individual SKUs in your kit had their inventory updated automatically from many suppliers? What if your kit orders came in and split shipped according to your vending rules? Lowest Price… Closest Supplier… Like a network of Spyder legs, Channel Spyder's Bundle tool allows you to build out a kit, update inventory, and route all individual SKUs in that kit to yourself and/or many suppliers.

Inventory Automation

Update inventory from multiple suppliers to multiple channels, automatically. Channel Spyder's inventory processing tool checks for corrupt supplier inventory files, applies your set markup & ship cost, accounts for pack quantities, reflects MAP/EMRP (if activated) and updates price & quantity to all your listings.

Easily manage each SKU with cost markup, shipping cost, pack quantity and even optional application of MAP pricing. Channel Spyder Inventory management tool gives you the power to set your pricing as often as you like. Channel Spyder Inventory Management Tool allows you to list more products, faster, with accurate & automated inventory updates from many suppliers.

If you find yourself spending hours each day working with supplier inventory files and updating prices & quantity to your stores, just turn on the Channel Spyder Inventory Timer. Watch as your inventory files are automatically pulled from each supplier, your markup is applied and uploaded to the channels each day.


Channels & eCom Website

Working with multiple sales channels? A Website? Do you have more than one seller ID on eBay & Amazon? Channel Spyder connects them all with inventory updates and order vending to your suppliers and your inhouse inventory.

No more looking through each store one at a time to find an order, a customer or any other detail. Channel Spyder allows you to search across any or all stores using Buyer ID, SKU Number, Order Number, and other order details. All your reporting, charting, and analytics is here in one place, showing you a complete picture of your business.

Each Store (Seller ID) can be configured with different seller fees, order vending (routing) rules that you set, order limits & alerts, and custom pricing set by you at the SKU level. Easily manage all your pricing & markups, shipping cost and MAP (if desired) for each SKU within each store.

Performance Alerts

Receive real time alerts via text and email. Problem with an inventory file? Order out of stock? Sales price resulting in low estimated profit? Possible Order Fraud? Pack Quantity Question? You know within minutes of the order being received. No waiting around for problems the next day, after shipment or delivery.

Channel Spyder Performance Alerts send real time notification to any or all members of your team. Alerts are available as text messages, via email, or both. No longer are the important events in your business dependent on you (or your supplier) to review and notice an error. With Channel Spyder you receive proactive notification.

Receive an alert when an order is out of stock. Get notified (before it ships) when an order sells below your profit threshold. Warehouse systems go offline, and orders are not being received, receive an alert. Late orders, not shipped yet... Pack Quantity... get an alert. Selling a lot of one single SKU in a short period of time could mean a price error, Channel Spyder will alert you. Receive notifications about inventory updates for each warehouse and store.

Performance Alerts keep you in the know about what's happening with your channel sales business.


Automated Order Routing

Tired of clicking the same thing over and over all day? Use an Automation Timer. Orders go to drop ship suppliers, or yourself, automatically per your settings. Increase profits & buyer satisfaction, with rules based order routing, geo-vending, and price shopping.

Channel Spyder Automation Timers allow you the option to set your day to day business operations on "auto pilot". If you find yourself (or your staff) repeating the same task over and over, day after day, why not let Channel Spyder do the work? Timers can be turned on or off at your discretion for automated processing of order vending to supply warehouses. Want to have your orders sent and shipped automatically by your suppliers while you're on vacation? Or over the weekend? No more working into the evening on Monday's.

After retrieving all the order details from the sales channel, Channel Spyder confirms available stock and real-time product cost from each one of your suppliers. Then it sends the order and checks the status of each order regularly throughout the day. As soon as the order ships, the tracking number & shipping cost is logged to the order detail in Channel Spyder for reporting. Each individual SKUs shipment tracking number is then transmitted to the Sales Channel and your transaction is complete.hannel Spyder Inventory will retrieve all of your supplier inventory files as they are updated and notify you as each one successfully uploads. After completing all of the necessary calculations, each channel's custom price file is updated to the designated channel store. If you chose to upload and download manually on your own, you have that option.

Real Time Order Reporting

Know what you're selling and how much you're making on every order from the moment it ships. With Channel Spyder Order Reports, you have access to a complete view of your sales numbers for all your stores, suppliers, brands, and SKUs. Using dynamic graphs and charts, you can easily see and compare order volume, sales & profits.

Charts are displayed in real time showing all your numbers. Never again wait until the end of the month, end of the week, or end of the day to see your profit numbers. Easily view up to date sales numbers as orders are received. Watch as the orders ship and all necessary numbers are compiled to give you a complete view of your gross & net profits by SKU, by order, by store, by channel, and by supplier.

Channel Spyder Order Reports collects sales data for each order from the sales channels and combines it with product cost & labeled shipping cost from your supply warehouse. These numbers come together with your store specific sales fees to give you a complete picture of your profits on each order as it ships.

dropship suppliers

Dropship & In House Business

You now have an easy and affordable way to sell products from an ever-increasing list of dropship suppliers as well as your own on-site inventory. Channel Spyder is designed to allow you to easily scale up and handle many hundreds, if not thousands, of orders PER DAY. With that in mind, Channel Spyder is primarily designed to work with channel sellers looking to grow their sales volume by adding or increasing the number of orders they ship from drop ship supply warehouses.

If you sell from your own on-site stock, or manually place orders to product manufacturers, Channel Spyder is fully integrated with Ship Station order shipping software. Your orders will vend to your in-house inventory via Ship Station just like any other drop ship warehouse. Each warehouse is custom configured by you within Channel Spyder. You have the freedom to include/exclude specific SKUs, brands or lines from each supplier. Additionally, you can prioritize or exclude individual location stock within each supplier warehouse.

Reports & Auditing

Most medium size channel sellers report they spend 4-8+ management level, hours per week building reports, analyzing sales figures and updating price/inventory files to their stores. With Channel Spyder, you now have on the spot access to on screen and exportable reports from almost every business angle you can think of. View numbers and run reports, by order, store, supplier, brand, or SKU. Upload, match and audit your invoices from shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) and suppliers.

With Channel Spyder Reports & Analytics many tasks can be accomplished with one or two clicks of the mouse. Click to view a single page with historical data and percentage breakdown for each store. Download a SKU report to view and compare sales & profit figures by SKU, Brand, or even product title. View the profit & loss reports by store or for all stores together. Aged orders, cancelled orders, refunded orders, shipped orders... Easily view all the numbers as needed.

With Channel Spyder Reports & Auditing, you can spend less time building spreadsheets and more time building your business.


* Special Note: Channel Spyder usage fees are NOT based on the number of stores or supply warehouses you have. If they are already available in the system, you get access at no additional fee. However, inventory & order integrations to warehouses, websites and channels are available as already built connections to Channel Spyder ONLY for a specific list of currently built tools. If you are unsure if your system, channel, supplier or tool is already integrated and available, it is your responsibility to ask prior to executing an agreement for a new account with Channel Spyder. You may view our current list of included integration partners Here. If your inhouse software, etail website or supplier is not currently integrated with Channel Spyder, we are happy to offer you a quote to build a custom integration… You may be surprised how affordable this can be done.